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Wisconsin Record of Service

August 2010

Great Lakes West State Manager: Anna Koelln

Response to Intervention

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has identified additional support in response to the Wisconsin RTI Communication Council Meeting facilitated by Great Lakes West in March 2010. The purpose of the March meeting was for DPI and response to intervention (RTI) stakeholders to start synchronizing messages about RTI in the state. Great Lakes West is providing continued support to DPI in collaboration with the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI) on how to continue to develop a common vision of RTI across the state.

Great Lakes West facilitated a two-day working meeting in partnership with NCRTI on June 15–16 in Madison, Wisconsin. The goal of the meeting was to work on creating a DPI RTI guidance document so that a synchronization of messages from other educational organizations, including the newly funded Wisconsin RTI Center, within Wisconsin could occur, based upon the guidance document. DPI staff will continue to refine the guidance document throughout the summer before finalization.

Great Lakes West also is supporting DPI with a project to develop RTI instructional videos with the Educational Communications Board. A visioning meeting occurred on July 19–20 in Madison, Wisconsin, in order to set up a timeline, goals, and content of the videos for the upcoming school year. Great Lakes West staff attended the meeting to support DPI staff in creating a vision on how to use the video segments to support district staff, building leadership and classroom instructional teachers as part of the advisory board for the project. DPI asked Great Lakes West to continue working as a part of the RTI team for this project as a result of the successful previous RTI work such as the Communication Council Meeting held earlier this year.

Assessment Team

Great Lakes West and the DPI assessment team identified specific next steps to support the assessment work for the 2010–11 school year. Currently, Great Lakes West is helping to plan a visit to the Oregon Department of Education to support DPI as they transition from the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination to a new online testing system within the next four years to be ready for implementation during the 2013–14 school year.

Great Lakes West also will be facilitating an internal cross-department collaboration meeting between the DPI assessment team and the RTI team in August in order to discuss the connections between a balanced assessment system, including formative assessment, and RTI so that districts can be supported in both areas moving forward into the next school year. Once DPI staff has identified connections between balanced assessment and RTI, these ideas and concepts also can be incorporated into the DPI guidance document on RTI.

Supporting Wisconsin's New Standards

Since Wisconsin adopted the Common Core in June, DPI has been preparing and planning to determine how to best implement these new standards for Wisconsin districts. Great Lakes West will support DPI and help them plan for implementation in the upcoming school year.

Forum on Advancing Educator Effectiveness

Great Lakes West and the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (TQ Center) continue to facilitate the collaborative Wisconsin group, the Forum on Advancing Educator Effectiveness. Great Lakes West and the TQ Center currently are preparing a teacher effectiveness and a principal effectiveness document, both of which will be reviewed by the Forum group to provide feedback. DPI staff will review the documents to ensure that they align with guidance that DPI is developing on teacher and principal effectiveness in Wisconsin. The Forum work will conclude this month and will be followed by a series of stakeholder engagement activities at statewide conferences this fall.



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