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Wisconsin Record of Service

July 2008

Great Lakes West State Manager: Al Hovey

High School Redesign
Wisconsin DPI hosted "Institute.21: 21st Century Skills Best Practices Forum" June 11–12, 2008. Nine participating states shared work they have done to implement the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework. They discussed challenges, solutions, and next steps in preparing students to attain the global awareness and civic, health, entrepreneurial, financial, and business literacy skills needed for success in the future. Leadership and design team members from Wisconsin's Standards Review Process for revising the state's ELA and mathematics standards presented Superintendent Burmaster with their recommendations. Great Lakes West staff assisted in collecting and summarizing input from online surveys and focus groups that reacted to the standards revisions that were suggested (see related press release at Progress continues on the DPI High School Redesign website, which will include resources that support the recommendations from the state superintendent's High School Task Force. The website will organize the initiatives in Wisconsin regarding high school redesign. Great Lakes West is providing technical assistance in development of the homepage, which will ensure that the most relevant information is available to all stakeholders about the most recent high school initiatives.

Teacher Quality
During the second annual Initial Educator Data Seminar on June 16, 2008, participants addressed issues regarding induction support for initial educators (teachers, pupil services, and administrators). The 2008 Survey of Initial Educators and Mentors, which was conducted by e-mail, served as the resource for the seminar.

The one-day Wisconsin Research Seminar held June 17, 2008, featured presentations about recently completed or ongoing data-based Wisconsin studies of innovative or best practices regarding educator preparation, induction, and professional development. The seminar was an important step in developing a community of scholars and leaders committed to evaluating and strengthening the implementation and impact of Wisconsin initial educator support legislation PI 34 (Chapter PI 34 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code; see on educator effectiveness and student learning in Wisconsin. (Additional details are available elsewhere in this newsletter and on the Wisconsin TQ website:

Statewide Systems of Support
Great Lakes West is providing DPI with assistance in building coherence between their peer review process and the delivery of technical assistance under the SSOS. Emphasis is on developing cross-agency teams and piloting a strategic sense-making process with a district identified for improvement.

Curriculum and Instruction
Great Lakes West staff assisted DPI to integrate 21st century skills in the Science Foundations publication. The new Foundation series will provide grade-level standards expectations and 21st century skills for teachers in the classroom. Great Lakes West staff and Wisconsin DPI science education consultant Shelley Lee attended the Center on Instruction's Science Strand meeting "High Quality Science Instruction: What Is It? How Do You Support It?" in May 2008. As a result of work at the meeting, materials about elements of effective science instruction were developed by the Center on Instruction and made available to participants.


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