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Record of Service

The Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center works collaboratively with representatives from state education agencies in Illinois and Wisconsin to provide capacity building technical assistance around current state initiatives regarding No Child Left Behind (NCLB) implementation. State managers provide regular updates on the progress of these initiatives; following is the latest record of services for each state, carried out in collaboration with Great Lakes West staff members, subcontractors, Advisory Council members, and state department of education staff members. (Last updated April 2007)


Great Lakes West State Manager: Al Hovey

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) work teams and the Great Lakes West team continue work around the focus areas of the Statewide System of Support, supplemental educational services (SES), and teacher quality.

Statewide System of Support. Great Lakes West compiled supporting research that appears in the publication Characteristics of Successful Districts ( recently released by the Wisconsin DPI (2006). This research supports the five characteristics and accompanying standards in the rubrics that are tools for school districts to better understand their needs.

Supplemental Educational Services. Great Lakes West has provided the Wisconsin DPI feedback on its Supplemental Educational Services in Wisconsin website that included provider application and related documents. This effort, along with one completed in October 2006 by the Center on Innovation and Improvement, helps support Wisconsin’s efforts around SES as mandated by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. In February 2007, Wisconsin sent a team to the SES Institute, which included eight states. At the institute, each state was able to explore the evaluation, legal, data, and rural aspects of SES.

Teacher Quality. Wisconsin had good representation at the REL Midwest Research to Action Forum in January 2007, where states were able to investigate areas of need along the lines of teacher quality. Wisconsin took a hard look at teacher induction and mentoring. As a result, the Wisconsin DPI–developed Initial Teacher Educator Survey and Mentor Survey are being critiqued in collaboration with REL Midwest. Great Lakes West will be assisting with survey distribution and analysis that will lead to a Data Retreat this summer. The intention is that after data are gathered, more emphasis can be put on the initial teacher educator programs in local districts and schools.


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