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Wisconsin Record of Service

January 2008

Great Lakes West State Manager: Al Hovey

Teacher Quality
On November 5–7, 2007, two Great Lakes West staff members and two Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) staff members attended the What Works Conference hosted by the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality. Value was added to the conference by having adequate time for collaboration to create an action plan. The priorities identified were as follows:

Areas discussed regarding each priority were as follows:

Work also continues with revisions to the six surveys administered last year to educators and mentors. These surveys will be given again this year to teachers, pupil services, and administrators. An external review of these surveys will be conducted before the readministration of them. Discussions also are taking place about holding a second induction/mentoring seminar in summer 2008, and researching Public Instruction 34 and professional development plans specific to Wisconsin.

Response to Intervention
An internal cross-divisional work group has been formed to address RTI initiatives in Wisconsin as they move forward. Part of the internal cross-divisional work group, which includes Great Lakes West staff, attended the RTI Summit in early December in Washington, D.C., to further help set direction for this initiative. A follow-up meeting/debriefing session was held in December 2007 to allow planning of next steps for the RTI initiative in Wisconsin.

Supplemental Educational Services
This project is currently on hold at the request of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Supplemental Educational Services team at Wisconsin DPI is editing the parent surveys, which will be reviewed by Great Lakes West. There is a great desire to get more parent participation in these surveys, and Great Lakes West will assess what other states are doing with parent surveys. Some states appear to have had great success in this area. Provider surveys for those doing SES also will be analyzed.

Statewide Systems of Support
Great Lakes West staff met with the members of Wisconsin DPI's SSOS team on October 5, 2007. The meeting objectives were as follows:

Outcomes of the meeting included a follow-up meeting scheduled for December 11, 2007, during which some of the existing SSOS district-level work in Kenosha and Milwaukee would be mapped out against the CII SSOS framework.

Adolescent Literacy
The task force is working on action planning. The leadership team met in mid-December 2007 to review and work on the plan. The next task force meeting will be held in January 2008.

High School Redesign
Great Lakes West continues discussion with Wisconsin DPI regarding how they can best support the High School Redesign effort. Presently, the focus of the American Diploma Project/Partnership for 21st Century Skills on mathematics, as well as on English language arts, is going through a quality review of the work done to date in these standards areas. The areas of rigor, specificity, and practical application are being analyzed simultaneously.


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