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Great Lakes West
Comprehensive Center

Wisconsin Annual Plan of Work

Wisconsin Technical Assistance

In collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Great Lakes West has identified two priority areas to guide its work, updated in January 2008. These priority areas, which support No Child Left Behind (NCLB) efforts in Wisconsin, are as follows: teacher quality, statewide system of support, supplemental educational services, high school redesign, adolescent literacy, response to intervention, and Wisconsin model academic standards. Great Lakes West goals for the priority areas are as follows:

Teacher Quality

  • To assist DPI in developing actionable plans (related to induction and mentoring, supporting teacher quality in larger districts, and the state's highly qualified teacher plan).
  • To assist DPI with monitoring and implementation of the state's plans to improve teacher quality.

Statewide System of Support

  • To provide DPI with assistance to design and implement a customized process for self-assessing its statewide system of support, which will support its improvement assistance to districts.
  • To assist DPI in addressing its need to facilitate cross-department communication.

Supplemental Educational Services
No goal at this time. (Project currently on hold at the request of DPI.)

High School Redesign

  • To assist DPI with the development of a protocol to roll out recommendations for reviewed mathematics and English language arts standards (ADP/P21 project).

Adolescent Literacy

  • To assist DPI with the Adolescent Literacy Task Force and develop statewide recommendations.
  • To increase the capacity of DPI to address the needs of its districts.
  • To assist DPI with establishing standards for literacy coaches.

Response to Intervention

  • To assist the DPI Internal Work Group with critical thinking about RTI implementation.
  • To assist DPI in creating a strategic plan for implementation of RTI initiatives.

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

  • To assist DPI in creating toolkits and online professional development to disseminate its new Foundations series (science, social studies, and other curricular areas).

Draft Wisconsin Technical Assistance Work Plan (PDF Icon Adobe® Reader® PDF 96 KB) (updated October 2008)

Annual Plan of Work for Other Years

Draft Wisconsin Technical Assistance Work Plan (PDF Icon Adobe® Reader® PDF 96 KB) (updated January 2008)

Wisconsin Annual Plan of Work for 2006–07


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