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Innovation and Improvement

Resources for innovation, such as parental options and parent choice, charter and magnet schools, and supplemental educational services (SES). Resources for school improvement, such restructuring; statewide issues of support; and practices, policies, and components to successfully move schools forward.

The July 2007 issue of Your Access to the Region provides an article titled "Meeting the Challenge of Statewide Systems of Support" and relevant resources. Following are additional resources relating to SSOS in three categories: general information, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

General Information on Statewide Systems of Support

Developing and Implementing Statewide Systems of Support for Low-Performing Schools: Design Elements of Statewide Systems of Support
The Education Alliance has created a framework of design elements to assist SEAs with efforts to support districts and schools in need of improvement through SSOS.

State Support to Schools in Need of Improvement
This policy brief from the Consortium for School Improvement describes how eight diverse states have organized services to schools at different levels of school improvement.

Statewide Systems of Support Profiles
This publication provides a one-page description of the system of support for each state as well as the District of Columbia and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Each description focuses on organizational structure, school support teams, and services provided to schools.

Summary of State Strategies for Districts Identified for Improvement under NCLB
The California Comprehensive Center provides a look at the strategies and progress of 16 states in developing support and intervention for districts identified for improvement, specifically in corrective action, under NCLB.

Illinois Statewide System of Support

A Regional Service Provider System of Support
The Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Regional Service Providers created this document to provide information on the Illinois regional system of support.

Wisconsin Statewide System of Support

The Wisconsin DPI has provided the following guidance to assist Wisconsin districts regarding the state's support system for those districts in need of or wanting improvement:

Characteristics of Successful Districts
The DPI created this rubric of five characteristics to guide Wisconsin school districts seeking to build their capacity for district and school improvement.

Wisconsin's Statewide System of Support: Overview
This one-page document provides an overview of Wisconsin's SSOS and the DPI's plan for developing and implementing Wisconsin's self-assessment system.