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Your Access to the Region, the quarterly e-newsletter of the Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center, is focused on providing timely information on the status of No Child Left Behind (NCLB)  activity in Illinois and Wisconsin, updates on the ongoing collaboration between Great Lakes West and the states, and useful and relevant resources to help inform educators in the region.


August 2012 E-Newsletter (Adobe® Reader® PDF 373 KB)
The final issue, “A Retrospective on Capacity Building,” includes perspectives on capacity building from Great Lakes West staff, our state liaisons in Illinois and Wisconsin, and a national perspective on Great Lakes West capacity building within the context of the comprehensive center network and history. The feature article includes interviews on capacity building and Great Lakes West’s relationship with the state education agencies in Illinois and Wisconsin, through the perspective of our state liaisons.

As part of our reflection on capacity building, Great Lakes West staff were asked a series of questions about the story of capacity building for the comprehensive center. Their responses to these questions were videotaped and presented in a brief video below.

April 2012 E-Newsletter (Adobe® Reader® PDF 451 KB)
This newsletter focuses on the importance of early learning and the need to support states in making early childhood education a priority. In the future, the regional comprehensive centers likely will be providing more support in helping states plan their early learning initiatives. The feature article discusses the importance of collaboration between the education systems (early childhood and K–12) to help children transition smoothly between the two systems and learn what they need to know to succeed.

January 2012 E-Newsletter (Adobe® Reader® PDF 653 KB)
This e-newsletter focuses on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act waivers and applications for Illinois and Wisconsin. The feature article discusses the national landscape of waiver plans and considerations as well as glimpses at current programs and plans to support waiver applications in Illinois and Wisconsin. This issue also continues to reflect changes made as a result of the 2011 e-newsletter survey and Advisory Council feedback.


October 2011 E-Newsletter (Adobe® Reader® PDF 590 KB)
This newsletter focuses on charter schools. The feature article discusses the development of and current issues related to charter schools in Illinois and Wisconsin, including state-specific pullouts (see links below). The profile in this issue covers the National Charter School Resource Center.

July 2011 E-Newsletter (Adobe® Reader® PDF 643 KB)
This newsletter focuses on states' progress toward implementing the Common Core State Standards. The feature article discusses some regional and national initiatives working to move the Common Core State Standards into the classroom. The profile in this issue includes an interview with Susie Morrison of the Illinois State Board of Education and Linda Reabe of Illinois State University on Illinois progress toward implementing the standards.

April 2011 E-Newsletter (Adobe® Reader® PDF 745 KB)
This newsletter focuses on school improvement grants (SIG) for high schools. The feature article discusses high school context relevant to SIGs. This newsletter also profiles the regional SIG conferences being cosponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and the comprehensive center network.

January 2011 E-Newsletter (PDF 557 KB)
This issue focuses on education reform. The feature article discusses several issues from the film Waiting for Superman and moves the conversation forward. This issue's National Perspective focuses on the recent elections and how they might affect education.


October 2010 E-Newsletter (Adobe® Reader® PDF 504 KB)
In this issue: This issue includes a Feature Article from the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI). The feature discusses the new instructional resources tool from the center and how it is useful. In addition to the feature article, the newsletter profiles NCRTI. Although this center is not part of the comprehensive center network, it is a center that Great Lakes West, the other regional centers, and our states work with and depend on for expertise on RTI.

August 2010 E-Newsletter (Adobe Reader PDF 397 KB)
In this issue: This issue includes a Feature Article that overviews the assessment consortia with a brief interview section from state and national assessment experts on the consortia and what implementation of the consortia may mean for a state or district. This issue also introduces Great Lakes West new Illinois and Wisconsin state managers.

May 2010 E-Newsletter (Adobe Reader PDF 266 KB)
In this issue: This issue focuses on evaluation of effective educators. The Feature Article focuses on teacher evaluation resources from the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (TQ Center). The National Perspective includes an interview with TQ Center Deputy Director Tricia Coulter, Ph.D. In addition, look for a profile of Monique Chism, Ph.D., the new Division Administrator for Innovation and Improvement for the Illinois State Board of Education

January 2010 E-Newsletter (Adobe Reader PDF 265 KB)
In this issue: This issue focuses on the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The Feature Article and National Perspective work together to examine the next steps for state- and district-level implementation of the standards and assessment considerations for states. Also, look for a profile of the Center on Innovation & Improvement’s Academy of Pacesetting States.


October 2009 E-Newsletter (Adobe Reader PDF 352 KB)
In this issue: The feature article focuses on the national dialogue around high school turnarounds. The newsletter features new resources from the REL Midwest in the REL Update and the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality in the Profile.

PDF Icon July 2009 E-Newsletter (Adobe Reader PDF 348 KB)
In this issue: This issue reflects on Great Lake West’s recent projects with the Illinois and Wisconsin state education agencies and looks ahead to future growth in building strong educational systems. The feature article discusses the four assurances of the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund program; the REL Update section provides a list of upcoming conferences on various topics relating to connecting research to practice; and the Profile section showcases Tony Evers, Ph.D., the new Wisconsin state superintendent of public instruction.

PDF Icon April 2009 E-Newsletter (Adobe Reader PDF 265 KB)
In this issue: This issue focuses on continuing efforts to help states build strong educational systems amid political and economic changes. The feature article discusses the National Network of State School Improvement Leaders, the national perspective focuses on federal resources for improving education, and the profile showcases the Center on Innovation & Improvement. Highlights of the Quarter focuses on recent events, including the Advisory Council meeting and the Wisconsin Response to Intervention (RTI)summit, both held in March 2009.

PDF Icon January 2009 E-Newsletter (Adobe Reader PDF 328 KB)
In this issue: This issue focuses on response to intervention with a feature article on statewide RTI implementation from the Center on Instruction. A second update from REL Midwest looks at new resources available to the Midwest region. Highlights of the Quarter focuses on recent events including a regional RTI summit, Wisconsin's new Success for Schools website, and the Illinois kickoff of the American Diploma Project.

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