Common Core State Standards: Updates and Resources

States across the nation are adopting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and are now steeped in conducting alignment studies, analyzing the depth and breadth of previous state standards to the CCSS. But what's next? We have created this webpage to keep you up to date on the CCSS movement across the country and to share resources to help you move forward with implementation.

This work is like building a house. The Common Core State Standards are the foundation, the state develops tools that frame the structure of the house on the foundation, and districts and schools create tools that fill in the exterior and interior. All of these pieces are critical to building a home, which, in this context, is a connected approach to helping all students achieve the Common Core State Standards.

The diagram highlights each of the main components of the implementation process. You can click on any part of the house to find resources that will help you design and build a "home" for student learning.

Common core college- and career-ready and K-12 standards (the foundation). State standards, assessments, and curricula frameworks (the frame). District curricula, assessments, and instruction (the exterior and interior).