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About Us

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center operated by Learning Point Associates is part of a network of 16 regional comprehensive centers and five national content centers. The regional comprehensive centers provide technical assistance designed to raise the capacity of states to help districts and schools meet the goals of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Great Lakes West works with the state education agencies (SEAs) in Illinois and Wisconsin to close achievement gaps, especially in those schools and districts identified as in need of improvement.


Great Lakes West is committed to assisting the SEAs in establishing the policies and practices needed to meet their student achievement goals. Great Lakes West works closely with other technical assistance providers, content and comprehensive centers, and regional educational laboratories to assist the states in doing the following:

States face multiple challenges in helping their schools and districts improve the academic performance of students. To meet these challenges, Great Lakes West focuses its technical assistance efforts on teacher quality, assessment and accountability, standards, instruction, and high school improvement.

About Learning Point Associates

Learning Point Associates is a nonprofit educational consulting organization with 25 years of direct experience working with and for educators and policymakers across the country to transform education systems and student learning. Learning Point Associates manages a diversified portfolio of work ranging from direct consulting assignments to major federal contracts and grants. The regional educational laboratory serving the Midwest—initially known as the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) and now known as REL Midwest—has been operated by Learning Point Associates since 1984. Learning Point Associates also operates the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (with ETS and Vanderbilt University); Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center; and the Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center.

Our Vision
Our vision is an education system that works for all learners.

Our Mission
We deliver knowledge, strategies, and results so educators will make research-based decisions that produce sustained improvements throughout the educational system.