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Great Lakes West
Assistance Center

About the Work

The Focus and Goals for the Great Lakes West Comprehensive Assistance Center

"The ESEA [Elementary and Secondary Education Act], as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), holds States accountable for closing achievement gaps and ensuring that all children, regardless of ethnicity, income, language or disability, receive a high quality education, and meet state academic standards by 2013–2014" (U.S. Department of Education. [2005]. Notices. Federal Register, 70[106], 32584).

The Great Lakes West Comprehensive Assistance Center will be working closely with the state education agencies (SEAs) in Illinois and Wisconsin to provide technical assistance and support as they implement programs and fulfill the requirements of the NCLB Act to close the achievement gaps and ensure that all students achieve high academic standards.

Great Lakes West, working closely with the SEAs, will continually assess the needs of each state, find and leverage resources, assist states in effectively utilizing those resources, distribute scientifically based research findings, and model and distribute information on processes and approaches for effectively restructuring practices.


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