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The Great Lakes West website provides information about planned and ongoing work in Illinois, Wisconsin, and across the region. This website is a resource primarily for state education agency staff, but it may be useful for educators, policymakers, and technical assistance providers both in the Great Lakes West region and across the country. The website connects educators and policymakers to resources and research, including the comprehensive center network and other regional and national networks.

What's New

PowerPoint Presentation for "Rising Star on the Illinois Interactive Report Card (IIRC) Webinar for Former Center on Innovation & Improvement Users"
The PowerPoint presentation used in webinars on December 05 and 06 2012 are currently available here on the Great Lakes West website. Soon this content will be moving to the new Midwest Regional Center Website. Click here to access the presentation.

August 2012 Issue of Your ACCESS to the Region
The final issue, “A Retrospective on Capacity Building,” includes perspectives on capacity building from Great Lakes West staff, our state liaisons in Illinois and Wisconsin, and a national perspective on Great Lakes West capacity building within the context of the comprehensive center network and history. Read more...

New Resource! Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM): Catalyzing Change Amid Confusion
The Center on Instruction has released a new resource that overviews the role of STEM in current educational improvement efforts. Read More...

April 2012 Issue of Your ACCESS to the Region
The Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center has released the April 2012 edition of our e-newsletter, Your ACCESS to the Region. As always, the newsletter updates recent progress on state work in Illinois and Wisconsin. This newsletter focuses on the importance of early learning and the need to support states in making early childhood education a priority. Read more...

Education Legislation introduced in Wisconsin
Recently, a new education reform Bill was introduced by the Wisconsin education legislative chairs, Representative Kestell and Senator Olsen and is based on the work of the Read to Lead, Educator Effectiveness, and Accountability Task force work which took place during 2011. Read more...