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Podcast: Hop on the Bus, Gus
With another school year now underway, State Superintendent Mike Flanagan shares his thoughts on staying focused on student achievement; school health and nutrition; family commitment to student success; and not letting up on Michigan's high standards.

View the podcast from the Michigan Department of Education.

State Board of Education Subcommittee Announces Top 10 Ideas for Education in the Global Economy
"Ohio's economic future depends on the state's ability to develop a world-class workforce to meet the needs of business and industry leaders. The 21st century global economy is demanding more than ever from today's students, and the state's education system needs to ensure that students graduate with the knowledge, skills and behaviors they need to succeed in the fast-paced, technology-driven workplace."

Read the press release from the Ohio Department of Education.

Beyond Slices of Pizza: Teaching Fractions Effectively
"Building on the February 2008 webcast, Making Algebra Work: Instructional Strategies That Deepen Student Understanding, The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement will showcase best practices when it comes to the teaching of fractions. How do teachers and school district personnel ensure deep 'conceptual and procedural knowledge of fractions,' as stated by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel report?"

Register for the webcast from the Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement

A Network for Educational Change in the Great Lakes Region: A View Through the Lens of Educational Service Agencies (Adobe® Reader® PDF 1.5 MB)
Building state capacity often means tapping into the readily available statewide networks to leverage the appropriate support and resources for educational change. Great Lakes East and Great Lakes West frequently work to help state education agencies identify potential partners within their statewide systems of support. This report describes the structure and the role of educational service agencies (ESAs) in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin in their statewide systems of support with a specific focus on their potential capacity to assist districts and schools in the work of educational improvement as reported by state ESA leaders. To gather this information, Great Lakes East and Great Lakes West worked closely with the Association of Educational Service Agencies—the national professional organization of ESAs—to conduct a survey in the region. The findings are based on data as reported through the perspective of ESAs.

Michigan – No More “Old School” Podcast
“State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan … discusses the drive for innovation and flexibility in getting all students graduating from high school at greater levels and developing the highly educated workforce to fuel Michigan's economic future.”

View the podcast.

Ohio Department of Education Names 96 Schools of Distinction
“Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Tave Zelman … announced that 96 schools have been selected as 2006–2007 State Superintendent’s Schools of Distinction. Zelman made the announcement during the Ohio Special Education Leadership Conference at the Columbus Convention Center. … ‘Case studies from the past two years show us that Schools of Distinction design excellent instruction and provide appropriate support to ensure that all students succeed,’ Zelman said. ‘These schools also set high expectations for their students, including students with disabilities, and enlist parents and community members in adopting a “whatever-it-takes” attitude to help children learn.”

Read the press release from the Ohio Department of Education.


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