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Directory of Technical Assistance Service Providers
and Research and Development Centers

This directory is a compilation of technical assistance service providers and research and development centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED). It is intended to be a comprehensive, easily accessible guide that users can keep at their fingertips for contact information. The directory is categorized in two sections: Section 1—Technical Assistance Service Providers, and Section 2—Research and Development Centers. The sections are separated by a divider page. The directory was compiled by the Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center and Great Lakes West Comprehensive Assistance Center at the request of ED.

The information included in this directory is current as of March 2007 and is available for download. Any updates as a result of ongoing refunding processes or new grants will be reflected in this online version of the directory. Questions or updates of the contact information in the directory may be directed to the Great Lakes East or Great Lakes West directors.

Downloaded an Adobe® Reader® PDF version
of the Directory of Technical Assistance Service Providers and Research and Development Centers. (584 KB)

The directory is a complimentary part of the Matrix database undertaken by the Federal Resource Center for Special Education. The Matrix allows users to view the actual work happening in their states and jurisdictions across the country and to map technical assistance and dissemination activities across the states. It is available online at http://www.rrfcnetwork.org/component/option,com_matrix/Itemid,285/. This dynamic Web-based application is intended to serve as one location of the actual work activities that the federally funded centers are providing to their clients. This directory will be posted on the Matrix website as a reference tool as well.