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The purpose of the Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center is to build state-level capacity in the region (Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio) and to work with state departments of education to provide them with high-quality, customized technical assistance in meeting their state's No Child Left Behind (NCLB) goals. Each issue of the News for the Region e-newsletter shares the latest updates about the collaborative work between Great Lakes East and the three states. It provides access to carefully selected news items from the three states and the nation that can inform the region of the success stories or the lessons learned related to NCLB efforts. It also offers select resources on the latest issues and developments at the regional and national level as well as a calendar of upcoming events to help the states have easy access to information as they work hard to help their districts and schools improve the academic performance of their students.


PDF IconSummer 2012—“Thank You…and Stay Tuned!” (Adobe® Reader® PDF 815 KB)
In this issue: As in our last issue, Great Lakes East brings you three incredible impact stories of how each state education agency, with our help and support, developed new and innovative approaches and practices that are impacting teachers and students in each state. We highlight three current initiatives: Response to Instruction in Indiana, pacesetting districts in Michigan, and credit flexibility in Ohio. This issue also includes a special report looking at the past and future of capacity building, and a very special thank you to the Advisory Board and SEA staff who have helped support and drive the work we do.

Special Report:

  • Success Stories
    • In Indiana, RTI Means Response to Instruction
    • The Academy of Pacesetting Districts: Collaboration in Michigan
    • Ohio Creates a New Path to Earning Credit
  • Feature Articles
    • A Special Thanks to the Great Lakes East Advisory Board (by Jennifer Reed)
    • The Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center: The Past and Future of Capacity Building (by Paul Kimmelman, Ed.D.)

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PDF IconSpring 2012—Celebrate Good Times! (Adobe® Reader® PDF 920 KB)
In this issue: Great Lakes East takes a look back at the past six and a half years and the supports that have been provided to the state education agencies (SEAs) in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Three feature stories from each state demonstrate how the SEAs have built and implemented processes or created new statewide policies while showing how Great Lakes East has worked with the SEAs in innovative ways to build capacity and sustainability.

Special Report:

PDF IconWinter 2012 – A Spring of Conversations (Adobe® Reader® PDF 920 KB)
In this issue: Great Lakes East continues to look at the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as they define college and career readiness for students. Read an in-depth interview with two of our advisory board members representing universities to gain deeper insights into the role of postsecondary institutions in defining, communicating, and supporting college and career readiness and the CCSS.

Special Report:

  • Dialogue Ready: Two Postsecondary Perspectives from Indiana and Michigan on College and Career Readiness

2011 Archive

PDF IconFall 2011—The NCLB Waiver Season (Adobe® Reader® PDF 1.2 MB)
In this issue: This issue offers an insightful commentary on No Child Left Behind waivers. A handful of the states, including Indiana, have submitted their applications with the November deadline, and many others (including Michigan and Ohio) are gearing up to apply in February. We hope that this issue will help you make informed decisions regarding your application process. This issue also features a live welcome message from Barb Youngren, the director of Great Lakes East.

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Special Report

  • A Cautionary View of No Child Left Behind Flexibility and Waivers (by Paul Kimmelman, Ed.D.)

PDF IconSummer 2011—Collaboration: Making Strides Toward Beating the Odds (Adobe® Reader® PDF 1.2 MB)

In this issue: Collaboration and informed action steps can turn things around and make meaningful, sustainable change. This issue's Special Report brings three stories from the Great Lakes East states that have one definite perspective in common: a success story in progress that reveals a reality of two schools and a state overcoming traditional barriers to education improvement.

Special Reports:

Collaboration at Work to "Beat the Odds" in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio

  • Hawthorne Partners: "Together We Can Make a Difference" (by Frank De Rosa)
  • Making Strides at North Godwin Elementary School in Michigan (by Bersheril Bailey)
  • Ohio's Statewide System of Support Builds Systemic Capacity for Districts and Schools (by Mark Mitchell)

PDF IconSpring 2011—Systemic School Improvement (Adobe® Reader® PDF 1 MB)

In this issue: The new School Improvement Grants (SIG) program targets schools that are persistently low achieving. Across all three Great Lakes East states, multiple school improvement approaches are being implemented. This issue's Special Report highlights these approaches and describes the courageous steps the states have taken to carry out bold reforms and ensure that these reforms are systemic and aligned.

Special Reports:

  • Systemic Approaches to School Improvement in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio (by Jayne Sowers, Ed.D., Anne L. Hansen, Ph.D., Mark Mitchell, Jeanne Paliotto, and Cynthia Lemmerman)

PDF IconWinter 2011—Another Look at School Improvement (Adobe® Reader® PDF 1 MB)

In this issue: Turning around the lowest performing schools in the country is at the center of the national radar as states are undertaking rigorous school interventions and reforms under the new School Improvement Grant (SIG) program. Expectations for dramatic outcomes are sky high, and one of the biggest concerns is the needs of high schools. This issue's special report provides a quick overview of the SIG implementation approaches in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio high schools. In addition, our Midwest region is hosting a two-day SIG Regional High School Conference on May 18–19, 2011, in the Chicago area, in support of states, districts, and schools implementing SIGs.

Special Reports:

  • School Improvement Grants for High Schools: A Look at Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio (by Megan Lebow and Joseph Harris, Ph.D.)
  • REL Midwest Update on New Research Reports, Research to Practice Events, and Practice Guides (by Marianne Kroeger)

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