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Ohio Data Primer


Links That Support Data Use

Battelle for Kids
Battelle for Kids is a leader in providing educators with consulting, professional development, training, tools, and resources around the effective use of value-added analysis to improve teaching and learning. It has created a model for implementing value-added at the state, district, and schoo -levels, with the ability to connect value-added information to other school improvement initiatives. Its SOAR school improvement collaborative offers value-added analysis, professional development, tools, research, and other benefits to participating school districts.

Data-Driven Decision Making
In nearly every national and international industrial sector, large networks collect data and transform understanding of how enterprises function successfully. This website provides resources and tools to capture and utilize data, including: (1) examples of successful data driven decision making schools, districts, and states; (2) a collection of tools to facilitate data collection, warehouse, analysis, and use; (3) a bibliography of articles and books; and (4) a database of instruments to collect data about educational technology. This site was developed and is sponsored by the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA)

Data-Driven Decision Making Initiative: Vision to Know and Do
The Consortium on School Networking highlights ways in which schools and districts collect, report, and analyze data and respond to accountability mandates at the state level and to requirements of No Child Left Behind. The website is a source of information for educators about collecting, understanding, and using data effectively; practical mechanisms for educating school leaders about data-driven decision making and its applications in elementary and secondary education; and a framework for sharing knowledge among educators and between the educational and vendor communities.

Data-Driven Decisions for Academic Achievement (D3A2)
The Data Driven Decisions for Academic Achievement (D3A2) project is a long-term Ohio initiative focused on developing the capacity of educators while improving instruction and student achievement. D3A2 provides access to data and educational resources aligned to Ohio's academic content standards. The primary goals of D3A2 are to improve educator's comfort and proficiency in analyzing data to inform instruction and practices; to contribute to a sustainable infrastructure to promote and enhance information-based education practice and content alignment across the state; and to leverage technology user groups (i.e., school districts, application vendors, and information technology centers) to accelerate the integration of existing educational tools and the development of new data systems.

Data Driven Instructional Systems
This website reports on how expert school leaders design systems of structures, people, and practices to help teachers translate testing data into information for everyday use. It showcases ways in which teachers, schools, and district administrators use data to improve teaching and learning in their schools. It presents school leader practices so that other school leaders can learn how to create their own DDIS. It was developed at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research.

Data Use
This website at the University of Texas at Austin provides resources about data-driven decision-making, including reviews of software for analyzing student data.

Data Use for Continuous Quality Improvement
Supported by the federally-sponsored Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center, this website at the University of California at Los Angeles provides resources to help reach No Child Left Behind goals. This site includes (1) a process guide for data use, showing the steps to the effective use of data for educational decision-making; (2) a capacity map of what is needed for a sound foundation for effective data use; (3) a set of tools that support data use; and (4) a library of research and guidance about data use.

Educational Measurement: Curriculum Central
This website provides a series of progressive measurement lessons, including basic theory, reading and mathematics curriculum-based measurement, and dynamic reporting systems. Multimedia lessons present key aspects of using, developing, and implementing good measurement instruments and systems to track student progress and making sound data-driven decisions. (Requires registration.)

National Center on Student Progress Monitoring
The U.S. Department of Education funds the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring to provide technical assistance on the implementation of scientifically-based student progress monitoring. It provides introductory materials to ramp-up capacity in progress monitoring, as well as reporting on the utility of available tools. The Center emphasizes special education.

School Data Direct
http://www.schooldatadirect.org (formerly http://www.schoolmatters.com/)
School Data Direct is a national data system on school performance provided by the National Education Data Partnership, which was created to help transform the way education information is used by educators, policymakers, superintendents, and parents. The National Education Data Partnership is a collaborative effort of the Council of Chief State School Officers, Standard & Poor's School Evaluation Services, and the CELT Corporation, and is funded by The Broad Foundation and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Using Classroom Data to Improve Student Achievement
This site features a set of eight short lessons supported by handouts and video clips, targeted to teachers. The materials were prepared by staff of the Southern California Comprehensive Assistance Center.


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