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Ohio Data Primer


Data About Ohio Schools and DistrictsS

iLRC, Interactive Local Report Cards

iLRC data downloads

Local School Report Cards

Measure Up
This software assists school leaders to explain their Ohio local report card and to analyze the report card data. It provides visual displays and explanations of all data pertinent to determining the report card rating for each district and building in Ohio. That data include the state indicators, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), Performance Index scores, "Safe Harbor", and performance of subgroups. Software and data must be downloaded and installed locally. The updated version 2 includes 2006–07 data and accountability rule changes.

Ohio Online Assessment Reporting
This site within the Success Portal contains group and student level data views, some analysis, and file downloads. It is highly secure and password-protected. There are views specifically for superintendents, principals, and teachers. Detailed group results, even individual student test results, may be viewed and downloaded.

Ohio State Report CardsS
State-level annual reports of school and student progress are available from this ODE Web page. They automatically download to your desktop Acrobat PDF files. To view them, you must open them on your desktop, not in your browser.

Ohio's Achievement Tests (also known as the "Success Portal")
This is the primary portal to information about Ohio's assessments. It contains detailed information about test content, scoring, and administration. Opportunities to practice for the test and to take test items are available. Utilities to support interpretation and administration are provided for those with responsibility for test administration. There are links to Ohio's content standards and expectations for students.


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