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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 4: Practice—How Can We Improve

To build a visual display for your own students and their data, the first step is to enter those data into the Data Primer's data table. Click here to bring up the data table. Unlike elsewhere in the Data Primer, the data table will appear in a pop-up window. (If you do not see the table, your browser may be blocking pop-ups; if so, you should see a request from the browser on your screen about accepting pop-ups. Accept them for the Data Primer, and all will be well.)

Example Data

When it first appears, the table contains the sample data used in the Module 4 Tutorial. You may click on any cell in the data table and change any data value by typing. Go ahead, type a high number into a score column, click Graph, and see what happens. You can sort the data by clicking in any column head. By the way, you cannot damage the data, so type whatever you want. Clicking the Clear Data button below the menu will present you with a blank data table which you may prefer. To restore the sample data, use the browser's refresh button.

Instructions for how to define fields and enter data appear under 2. Data Options at the bottom of the menu list at the left of the table. Please click here to see what happens (or, in the pop-up window if you are following along interactively, click Data Options).

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