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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 3: Tutorial—Are We Leaving Anyone Behind?

Once again, we draw a vertical axis and set a horizontal axis at its center. On the Ohio Achievement Tests, a score of 400 marks proficiency. We mark the vertical scale for 400 at the intersection and label the top of the scale 500 and the bottom 3003. Click here to see the result. Like before, we will use color to show the performance categories4. Let's begin where we ended in Module 2, with 2007 fifth-graders' reading results. Click to place those results on these axes. Note that the vertical lengths of the bars now do not indicate proportions of students. Rather they mark the range for each category. This is made clear by the labels on the vertical axis. Within each range we add dots to show each student's score, placing them at the appropriate positions against the vertical scale. Click to see the result.

3The highest and lowest scores on the Ohio Achievement Tests can exceed these values, but such scores are extremely rare.

4Cutpoints for the proficiency levels on the Ohio Achievement Tests vary slightly from test to test, but not sufficiently to affect these graphs or their interpretation.

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