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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 3: Practice—Are We Leaving Anyone Behind?

The Data Primer assumes that most people interested in exploring Ohio Achievement Test data are principals, teachers, and other school staff. Teachers usually will want to examine one classroom of students at a time. The visuals that the Data Primer Practice pages produce work best for groups of about 25 students. With too many students, the graphs may become too crowded to be useful; with too few students, the context tends to be too weak for good interpretation.

The first task to building an informative chart is to gather the data. These practice pages show you where to find Ohio Achievement Test results for each of your students, how to convert those data into a more useful form, and how to bring the data to the charting process introduced in the tutorial.

The Data Primer walks you step-by-step through the process of locating and extracting data for the students or classes in which you are interested. This process is not difficult. Some may find it tedious (not all of us are data geeks). Still, even if tedious, because it is important for you to understand student achievement results, you also should know how the data you must interpret are assembled.

Others may prefer first to explore the charting tool and investigate its capabilities using an example data set.

View the example data sets to learn about the graphics tool.

View information to help you locate, structure, and save data about your students.

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