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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 3: Practice—Are We Leaving Anyone Behind?

A final note. You can assemble your own data from the Success Portal as outlined here. However, it may be faster to ask your principal to download all the data for all your students at one time. The result will be a very large spreadsheet file that looks something like this:

Student names appear in the left-most columns. You will want to locate the scale scores for your students for the subjects in which you are interested. The column labeled R_SS in this figure, column R, contains the reading scale score. The mathematics scale score is M_SS, another 13 or so columns to the right. WR_SS marks the writing scale score, SC_SS is science, and SS_SS is social science. Note that sometimes the columns have other labels, such as W_SCOR, R_SCOR, M_SCOR, SS_SCOR, or S_SCOR for writing, reading, mathematics, social science, and science, respectively.

Far to the right in the data records you will find certain student characteristics, including LEP, IEP, 504, and test accommodations status. At the front of each record, near each student's name are fields for birthdate, grade, gender, and ethnicity.

Begin working with the template.

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