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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 2: Tutorial—Where Have We Been? Where Do We Want to Be?

The panel displays reading, mathematics, writing, and science performance for one elementary school. Take a few moments to read the panel and come to terms with what you see.

Whereas the reading pattern showed improvement across the grades, the mathematics pattern is one of decline. Mathematics also shows fewer high-performing and more low-performing students as the grades advance: the Basic category captures more students as they progress through the grades.

No writing and science trend can be observed (yet) for this school because each subject was tested only once within the graph's grade span.

Grade-by-grade comparisons are only moderately informative. There are too many variables: each grade has different students, different teachers, and different curricula. A more useful comparison is to follow students over time to discover how the instructional experiences a school provides convert into improved learning over time.

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