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Ohio Data Primer

Module 2:Practice—Where Have We Been? Where Do We Want to be?

After you click the Practice link at the bottom of this page, you will see a data template that produces floating-bar graphs similar to those you learned about in the tutorial. As in the Module 1 Practice page, the template is preloaded with an example data set. You may use those data, modify them as you wish, or replace them by typing in your own information. The best way to proceed is just to begin: Click the Practice link below. (The template will appear in its own window, so you will be able to see both the template and these instructions.)

The following are some brief instructions:

  1. Type a title for your graph in the Title field. The example data set displays percentages of students at each proficiency category for a fifth-grade class and also can display their performance for the prior two years.
  2. The template provides space for up to four subjects. Type a subject name in the boxes above the four blank columns under the "Performance Level Results" heading.
  3. The four data columns below the subject titles will hold the percentages of students in each category for the groups and subjects you specify.
  4. To the left above each set of colored bars is a box to identify the Group or Year of students whose results are in that set. Entering data for just one Group creates a single floating-bar graph. Entering data in several Group fields will result in a set of paneled floating-bars graphs. Again, experiment. Enter some data, or even just type randomly. Click the "Graph" button to see what will happen.
  5. The tool is very flexible. You will get a good sense of what the tool can do by exploring the example data sets. Use the dropdown menu "Select..." to find the examples. As with the Module 1 Practice pages, feel free to change data values in the examples to see what happens. The Data Primer will restore its original data when you leave the page.
  6. Click the "Graph" button after you have entered your data. The graph will appear in the same window.



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