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Ohio Data Primer

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Module 1: Tutorial—Where Are We?

Numbers let us compare things. Comparisons are about differences. Answering the question, "Where are we?" about our school, our students, and our work requires that we make two judgments: one about whether our performance is different and another about whether the difference is big enough that we should consider doing something about it. Making these judgments is sensible only if we are willing to trust the data.

Proficiency data summarize results from the Ohio Achievement Tests, which are aligned to Ohio's academic standards. Standardized tests have limits, but within these limits they are excellent indicators of overall performance, particularly for groups of students. Visualize the test data graphically, and use those visuals to address trust and comparison.

First, we find the percentage of students at or above proficient at the school for reading. At right, the percentage is highlighted on the Local Report Card. We use this data point to begin making a visual display, a bar graph.

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