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Ohio Data Primer

Module 1: Practice

Once you click the Graph button, this page will produce a bar graph similar to the tutorial you just completed. Go ahead. Type in some letters and numbers, and then click Graph to see what happens. If you are really cautious, type nothing, just click Graph. To do something more meaningful, find four percentages you want to compare graphically, type them into the data boxes and change the Group and Graph Title boxes to match, then click Graph.

Graphing Instructions

  1. Delete the words already in the boxes and type your information in them. If you leave boxes blank, they will not appear on the graph.
  2. After your information is complete, click the Graph button.

Note that this graphing tool only accepts percentages from 0 to 100. If you attempt enter a negative number or a number greater than 100, the graph will default to 0 or 100, respectively.

The Ohio Data Primer cannot save your data or the graphs you make. To keep a copy of a graph, you will have to print it or use your computer's built-in screen-grabbing feature. On Windows PCs, if you right-click on the graph, a menu will appear that includes a Print command. To save a digital copy of the graph, you may choose to Print to a file (if you know how to make that command useful). Or you may use the Alt + PrtScr double keystroke to put a temporary copy of the graph in memory. Then you can paste this graph into a word processing document and save the result (usually, this is done by selecting Paste on the application's File menu).


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