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Great Lakes East
Comprehensive Center

The Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center/
Learning Point Associates Staff

Barbara Youngren
Center Director
Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center

Youngren is director of the Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center and a senior consultant at Learning Point Associates. She is an adjunct instructor at National-Louis University. Previously, Youngren was director of the North Central Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Consortium. She taught at the elementary level for 26 years in both regular and gifted education and has 38 years of experience in education overall. Youngren has taught middle-level and high school students and mathematics methods courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has conducted numerous workshops and presentations on district and school improvement; professional development; curriculum reform; framework development; Lesson Study; and teaching and learning reform in mathematics, science, and technology education. Youngren brings expertise in consultation at the state, district, and school levels in curriculum development, mathematics problem-solving and critical thinking, assessment design, district and school improvement planning and action planning, effective technology use, and designing and implementing engaged learning projects. She earned master's degrees in educational administration and in foundations of education/gifted education from Northern Illinois University—DeKalb.

Great Lake East Comprehensive Center
State Managers and Content Center Liaisons

Frank E. DeRosa—Indiana

DeRosa is a senior consultant at Learning Point Associates and state manager to the Indiana Department of Education for Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center. He provides technical assistance and consultation for the Indiana Department of Education. DeRosa also has provided technical assistance and consultation to the Ohio Department of Education concerning their new "credit flexibility" policy and to several state and regional offices and school districts involved in the school improvement process. Since 2007, he has served as team lead for audits of the English language arts curriculum for districts in No Child Left Behind corrective action, under contract with the New York State Education Department. DeRosa has 36 years of experience in public school education as a teacher and administrator. He has extensive experience in school administration, including a position as principal of a large high school in a diverse suburban district. DeRosa has a strong background in school improvement, high school reform, special education, and leadership team building. He earned a master of arts in teaching degree from National-Louis University.

Gary Appel—Michigan

Appel is the Michigan state manager for Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center at Learning Point Associates. He provides professional development and technical assistance to the Michigan Department of Education. Appel also directs the Learning Point Associates Lesson Study activities. His areas of expertise include science, curriculum, and professional development design. Appel is a skilled technical assistance provider, group facilitator, and professional developer with more than 30 years of experience in education. He is knowledgeable about adult learning styles, training module development, and promoting collaborative styles of work. Appel earned a master's degree in science education from the University of Michigan.

Mark Mitchell—Ohio

Mitchell is a senior program associate at Learning Point Associates. He worked on professional development tools to include on a Lesson Study CD, coauthored a CD on powerful practices in mathematics and science, and coauthored a book on leading Lesson Study for facilitators and teachers. He has worked with the Ohio Department of Education on the development and oversight of technical assistance plans focused on statewide initiatives that support the No Child Left Behind Act. Mitchell has managed and facilitated the work of contractors and subcontractors to design data tools and improvement processes to improve the performance of all districts and schools. Previously, Mitchell worked on school reform efforts with rural, isolated northern Michigan school districts. He has taught graduate-level science courses for teachers at Michigan State University. Mitchell earned a master's degree in natural resources and education from the University of Michigan.


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