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Great Lakes East
Comprehensive Center

Annual Plan of Work

The Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center, a five-year contract funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED), is working closely with other technical assistance providers, regional comprehensive centers, national content centers, and regional educational laboratories. Great Lakes East focuses its technical assistance and support to address topics identified by the Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio Departments of Education and the priorities of ED related to the implementation of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

2007–08 State Goals


The Indiana Department of Education has determined the following two areas of focus to align with its overarching goal—to develop a statewide system of support for schools and districts in improvement and in corrective action:

  • District Improvement—To develop and provide additional technical assistance for districts in corrective action (Year 3) and, when feasible, those in Years 1 and 2 in improvement, including research and best practices for the instruction of students with disabilities, students learning English as an additional language, and students who are African American (closing the achievement gap).
  • School Improvement—(1) To articulate and implement policies for assisting schools in improvement, corrective action, and restructuring; and (2) To develop and provide additional technical assistance for schools in improvement, corrective action, and restructuring.
Indiana Technical Assistance Plan (2007–08)
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The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has determined the following four areas of focus to align with its overarching goal— To improve performance of all of the state’s students with a particular focus on lower performing student subgroups identified in NCLB

  • Michigan Professional Learning Strategic Plan—To effectively address MDE's NCLB responsibilities for ensuring that all students have highly qualified teachers, Great Lakes East will continue working with MDE staff and key stakeholders to build their capacity to further develop and implement a state system of support for professional learning based on the state Professional Learning Strategic Plan.
  • Subgroups and Special Education—To effectively address NCLB responsibilities for raising the achievement of all student subgroups by reducing inappropriate and disproportionate representation of student subgroups in special education, Great Lakes East will build MDE’s capacity to examine and create policies, practices, and procedures that support overall student achievement among all subgroups. 
  • High Schools —To build the capacity of MDE and key stakeholders in the state to support all students meeting the state's rigorous high school graduation standards (Michigan Merit Curriculum), with particular attention to the academic achievement of student subgroups.
  • Michigan's Statewide System of Support —To address MDE’s NCLB responsibilities to provide an effective system of support for districts and schools in the improvement process, especially those in corrective action. 
Michigan Technical Assistance Plan (2007–08)
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The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has determined the following four areas of focus to align with its overarching goals— To improve the quality of technical assistance provided to schools and districts not making AYP through statewide systems of support and to build and implement the use of a data system and data tools by teachers, principals, and district administrators to improve achievement for all students.

  • Data Support Systems—To enable the effective use of data by all levels of the educational system to improve schools and student performance.
  • Formative Assessment—To build a formative assessment bank aligned with Ohio content standards and indicators that will be accessible through D3A2 and used by teachers to improve instruction.
  • District/School Improvement Support System Redesign—ODE is in the process of redesigning its district and school improvement support system to ensure higher quality of district improvement support by regional providers and to help build the capacity of district leadership teams in using the district improvement data and planning tools designed by ODE and its partners.
  • Statewide System of Support Evaluation—To design an evaluation system that assesses the impact that statewide systems of support have on defined behaviors and practices of districts and schools that support school improvement and student achievement.
Ohio Technical Assistance Plan (2007–08)
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State Goals for Other Years

2005–06 State Goals
2006–07 State Goals


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