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Great Lakes East
Comprehensive Center

Annual Plan of Work

The Great Lakes East Comprehensive Center, a five-year contract funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED), is working closely with other technical assistance providers, regional comprehensive centers, national content centers, and regional educational laboratories. Great Lakes East focuses its technical assistance and support to address topics identified by the Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio Departments of Education and the priorities of ED related to the implementation of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

2006–07 State Goals


The Indiana Department of Education has determined the following three areas of focus:

  • To articulate and implement policy for assisting local education agencies (LEAs) in corrective action.
  • To develop a plan to disseminate information to all schools about research-based and best practices related, but not limited to, the instruction of students with disabilities, students learning English, and to principals serving as instructional leaders through multiple, communication strategies (e.g., Website, principal's organizations, educational service centers).
  • To research, create, and build a system for the collection and analysis of state professional development and technical assistance.

Indiana Technical Assistance Plan (2006–07)
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The Michigan Department of Education has determined the following three areas of focus:

  • To identify research-based tools, structures, policies, and procedures to support statewide rollout of new rigorous graduation standards.
  • To increase teacher quality by identifying and implementing a process for educators to use for individual professional learning plans.
  • To refine and enhance certification process for the state's teacher preparation programs.

Michigan Technical Assistance Plan (2006–07)
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The Ohio Department of Education has determined the following three areas of focus:

  • To build capacity at the state and state regional level, through technology tools and professional development, for principals and teachers to effectively use a data system to improve instruction and student learning.
  • To collaboratively select and adapt a system—with stakeholders across the state—for credentialing professional development providers: school coaches, regional providers, and trainers in the areas of reading, mathematics, and district/school improvement.
  • To build the content knowledge of special education teachers through enhancement of existing teacher preparation programs, and professional development for practicing teachers.

Ohio Technical Assistance Plan (2006–07)
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State Goals for Other Years

2005–06 State Goals
2007–08 State Goals


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