21st CCLC: State Education Agency

Program Operation and Monitoring

Harvard Family Research Project

Evaluation of 21st Century Community Learning Center Programs: A Guide for State Education Agencies http://www.gse.harvard.edu/hfrp/content/projects/afterschool/resources/issuebrief2.pdf

Georgia 21st Century Community Learning Centers Regional Consultant Site Visit Report


Forum for Youth Investment

Defining, Assessing, and Improving Youth Program Quality: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go?
http://www.forumforyouthinvestment.org/_docdisp_page.cfm?LID=DA7C4399-BA5D -4F45-BF07DA050A6D4521&CID=003FD0E9-4408-424B-B9049938BCFACE26

New York State Afterschool Network Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool: Planning for Ongoing Program Improvement


Tips From Your Peers

Bureau of Indian Affairs




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