21st CCLC: State Education Agency

Tips From Your Peers: Idaho

  1. What approaches and/or strategies do you take to monitor your 21st CCLC sites?

    Monitoring is part of our contract with the group who has established our student-management system. Part of their contract is to do on-site visits. Approved in their grant are the criteria used for monitoring. The grantee's application goals and objectives are used as part of the measuring tools. A report is done for each visit, and if there is something that needs to be addressed, our office works with the grant director for corrections.

  2. What are the specific instruments you use?

    We can pull up data throughout the year, which is a great way to assist in monitoring throughout the year. We have quarterly directors meetings. During these meetings, directors give report outs.

  3. Do you have a 21st CCLC state website, and if so, how often is it updated?

    Yes. We try to update our website monthly or whenever needed. We try to post things on our site as we receive them.

  4. What self-assessment tools do you provide to your grantees?

    We have a Program Indicator section that directors complete during the year to self-monitor their individual programs.