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21st CCLC: Guide to Resources


Afterschool Alliance

The Afterschool Alliance website provides research, publications, and information on how to advocate for continued support of afterschool programs.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

This report highlights various features of afterschool programs that make them a safe haven for students to go to after school.

Afterschool Now!

Find out what you can do to help afterschool programs.

National AfterSchool Association

The National AfterSchool Association is a national organization dedicated to afterschool education and development.

Connect for Kids

This information and action center for adults who want to make their communities work for kids includes resources on afterschool time.

National Governors Association: Supporting Student Success

This publication, Supporting Student Success: A Governor's Guide to Extra Learning Opportunities, provides best practices and information on afterschool programming.
http://www.nga.org/Files/pdf/0509GOVGUIDEELO.PDF (Adobe® Reader® PDF 2MB)


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