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Why Do the Achievement Gaps Exist?

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What Is the Role of Social Expectations in the Achievement Gap?
Researchers have found that different social expectations sometimes account for the gap between black and white students' achievement.

Social Stresses Harm Hispanic Students' Achievement
Research shows that the stress and anxieties Hispanic students commonly suffer has a negative impact on their performance in school.

Scholar Argues that Cultural Learning Styles Do Not Come in Black and White
Can we explain the black-white achievement gap as a result of different cultural learning styles? A researcher argues that we cannot. He says that the idea of a Black Cultural Learning Style is fundamentally flawed and harkens back to an old racist perspective on education.

Researcher Critiques Assumptions Underlying the Idea of Black Cultural Learning Styles
According to one scholar, the notion of a Black Cultural Learning Style is seriously flawed. The scholar identifies five assumptions underlying this perspective and demonstrates why each of these assumptions is problematic.

A Scholar Argues that Racial Stratification Is Still Important for Understanding Inequality in America
Racial stratification, not class stratification, is the underlying cause for continuing racial inequality in the U.S., says one scholar. He explains the differences in these two perspectives on social stratification and explains why race explains more than class in understanding the situation of black Americans.

Scholar Identifies Two Sides of Racial Stratification in the U.S.
Racial stratification persists not only because of the ways that whites treat blacks but also because of the responses of blacks to this treatment. A scholar argues that we must understand the basis for racial stratification and racial inequality in the U.S. in order to address it effectively.

The Black-White Achievement Gap Is the Result of Racial Stratification, Argues One Scholar
How is racial stratification related to poor academic achievement in black students? A scholar identifies three links.

Teacher Perceptions, Expectations, and Behaviors May Put Black Students at a Disadvantage
A leading scholar finds that teachers have different perceptions and expectations for black students than white students. He argues that these differing expectations lead to different teacher behaviors that, in turn, reinforce lower black student performance.


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