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Can the Achievement Gaps be Overcome?

  1. How to Close the Achievement Gaps: Research and Policy

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What Can Be Done to Narrow the Black-White Test Score Gap?
Two researchers look at what we know about reducing the black-white test score gap. They conclude that there is still much to learn. They also comment on what schools can do and what the society can do to address the issue.

Scholars Argue that We Can Use Educational Accountability as a Lever for Educational Justice
Researchers Linda Skrla, James Joseph Scheurich, Joseph F. Johnson, Jr., and James W. Koschoreck argue that there is "compelling evidence that the U.S. public educational system largely remains systematically racist."

States Differ on Achievement Gap Patterns
National data on achievement gap trends among white and non-white students can mask differences in trends among states. A researcher examines differences in state achievement gap patterns.

When It Comes to Efforts to Address the Achievement Gap, States Are Not Equal
How do different state educational policies designed to address the achievement gap compare? Which are more difficult? Which are less difficult?

The Key to Black Achievement is Criteria, not Comparison
Efforts to force racial proportionality in colleges and the workplace are misguided, says one scholar.


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