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Can the Achievement Gaps be Overcome?

  1. How to Close the Achievement Gap: Research and Policy

Scholars Believe We Can Close the Black-White Test Score Gap, but Traditional Answers Will Not Work
Scholars have known about the existence of a gap between blacks and whites in terms of achievement test scores since the early twentieth century. However, this gap persists. Scholars explain why they think the gap can be closed, why traditional perspectives on the gap are inadequate, and why closing this gap is important.

Researchers Offer Lessons Learned to Overcome the Achievement Gap
Two authors outline the lessons learned and recommendations for future efforts at eliminating the achievement gap.

What Have We Learned about Raising Minority Academic Achievement?
In their report, Reaching the Top: Report of the National Task Force on Minority High Achievement, the College Board reviews the research and programs since the 1960s that target raising minority achievement. They create a synopsis of what we know, based on 30 years of experience, about raising the number of high-achieving minority students.

The College Board Makes Recommendations to Increase Minority High Achievement
What can America do to raise the numbers of high achieving minority students? The College Board makes several recommendations.


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