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Achievement Gaps
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What is the Achievement Gaps?

  1. Achievement Gap in Race

    1. Hispanic Students

Confronting Segregation and Stereotypes: Latinos' High School Experience
Gilberto Conchas reports on the negative factors that shape Latino high school students' academic performance.

How to Explain Latino Students' Poor Academic Achievement? School Factors Should Play an Important Role
Gilberto Conchas surveys one common explanation for Latino students' poor academic performance and suggests how this explanation needs to be refined.

Some Immigrant Families Take a Non-Standard Approach to Involvement in Their Children's Education
Gerardo Lopez examines how the parents of a Mexican migrant family have achieved success in promoting an educational work ethic for their children.

Different Factors Affect the Academic Achievement of Asian and Latino Immigrant and Second-Generation Students
A scholar reviews the research on factors that affect the academic achievement of Latino versus Asian immigrants.


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