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What are the Achievement Gaps?

  1. Achievement Gap in Race

    1. Black Students

Early Education May Be Key to Closing the Gap between Blacks and Whites
The black-white gap in employment, earnings, and college education has persisted and in some cases started to grow. A federal report reviews several theories and finds that much of this gap is related to racial differences in elementary and secondary achievement test scores.

Black-White Achievement Gap Persists in All Grades and Reappears Quickly
A government study of elementary and secondary students finds that blacks have lower math and reading scores than whites at every grade level, even among blacks who had the same test scores as whites just a year or two earlier. This leaves blacks at a disadvantage as they prepare for college or the job market.

Prior Education Predicts Racial Differences in Employment and Earnings
A government study finds that the black-white gap in employment and earnings is reduced significantly when educational achievement levels are taken into account. Young black women even tend to earn more than white women with similar levels of prior educational achievement.

Prior Education Predicts Racial Differences in College Enrollment and Graduation
A government study finds that blacks are more likely to attend college and just as likely to graduate as whites with similar levels of educational achievement. However, a gap in postsecondary schooling still persists for blacks as a group.

College Performance and Wages: How Do Black and White Test Scores Relate?
How does the difference between black and white student test scores relate to college admission, college grades, and later wages? Two researchers review the research.


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