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School Turnaround and Transformation

Our school turnaround services will transform student achievement.

For more than 650,000 students in poorly performing districts, Learning Point Associates has uncovered the root causes responsible for limiting their potential. In these districts, we have gained staff trust, fostered a culture of change, enhanced the knowledge available to leaders and staff, and provided the tools to measure performance and the mechanisms to adapt to the evolving needs of the students and their schools.

The Learning Point Associates approach to school turnaround draws on our 25 years of experience and nationally regarded expertise in educator effectiveness, district and school improvement, and data analytics. Our expertise and knowledge are enhanced by our ability to work with teachers and leaders and spark their commitment to creating lasting change.

In Illinois

Learning Point Associates is an approved Lead Partner and Supporting Partner for the Illinois Partnership Zone. We have developed a coordinated strategy with our partners—Pivot Learning and Strategic Learning Initiatives—to turn around school culture and climate to support dramatic gains in student achievement.

Our turnaround design in Illinois has six components:

  • A core school leadership team with the skills to integrate and continue the interventions over time
  • Diagnostic needs assessment to determine the interventions that will work
  • An instructional model to transform teaching
  • A parent and community engagement approach
  • Tools and expert coaching in the core areas to sustain improvements
  • Targeted interventions

Turning around the lowest-performing schools requires strategies targeted specifically to individual schools, districts, and state education agencies.


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