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Surveys of Enacted Curriculum

The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) is a powerful, research-based tool that collects and reports data on what content is taught and how it is taught. Designed for K–12 teachers, it provides a process for measuring:

  • What is being taught to students
  • How it is being taught
  • What students are expected to know and be able to do based on the lessons

SEC users say...

"Use of SEC math data has engaged our teachers in dialogue about opportunity to learn to the point where we had to ‘untrack' our middle school." —Middle School Teacher

The SEC map what teachers say in an online survey they teach against the state content standards and assessments. The scales and maps generated by the SEC allow administrators to analyze, measure, and refine what is taught in the classroom. Analyses are presented across grade levels and schools to identify gaps and duplications in curriculum and instruction that may adversely affect student performance.

How Are the SEC Data Used?
The SEC are used as a set of data to help inform your state or district about how what is happening in the classroom—the enacted curriculum—compares to the written curriculum and the tested curriculum (including state assessments). The SEC jump-starts conversations about how to better align these three types of curricula to increase student achievement. The data collected and the results presented by the SEC can be used in various improvement efforts by the school or district. Depending on the teacher sample group, the data can be used for cross-grade articulation, school improvement planning, and professional development planning.

SEC users say...

"Looking at the charts and graphs allowed us to have conversations, not only about what we were teaching, but also about what our expectations of our students were." —High School English Language Arts Teacher

"We can't say that the SEC caused our 15 percent gain in student achievement on the math test, but the conversation we had enabled us to identify and put into place some strategies that did have impact." —SEC State Coordinator

SEC data allow administrators to:

  • See the content that is being taught in the classroom.
  • Explore the extent of alignment between what is taught and the state standards.
  • Better understand the instructional strategies being used in classrooms and examine how they align with best practice and research findings.
  • Provide focus for conversations among professional learning communities.
  • Guide professional development efforts and monitor the effects on classroom practice.
  • Predict how students will perform on local and state assessments.

Who Takes the SEC?
In order to determine the extent of the curriculum alignment to state standards and assessments, a representative group of teachers from each school or district will be asked to complete the online survey. The SEC tool is not intended for teacher evaluation. Teachers' individual data remain private and confidential.

For more information, contact Jessica Johnson by e-mail or telephone (800-3536-2735).

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