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District and School Improvement

Schools across the country are working hard to address the educational needs of hundreds of thousands of students.

Learning Point Associates knows that students who succeed in school can succeed in life. Our staff collaborate with committed educators to shape schools so that students can achieve their highest potential.

We work at the state and district levels, developing strategies to cultivate capable leaders, promote effective teaching, engage students, and foster student achievement through strong curriculum and instruction and a positive school climate.

Learning Point Associates school turnaround and transformation services will transform student achievement.

Turning around the lowest performing schools requires strategies targeted specifically to individual schools, districts, and state education agencies.

Our clients can expect an approach that will:

  • Pinpoint the specific interventions needed to radically transform the school culture and dramatically improve teacher and student performance.
  • Enhance the skills and knowledge of teachers and administrators.
  • Gain the support and trust of teachers and staff.
  • Install mechanisms allowing schools and districts to measure their performance and adjust strategies based on student data.
  • Connect leaders to a network of schools and districts in turnaround and transformation to build a working body of knowledge of successful practices.
  • Provide expertise in evaluation, management, operations, governance, and resource allocation.
  • Advance the school’s relationship with the district, state, and community.

We have extensive experience in facilitating statewide improvement while working in individual schools and with districts to increase student achievement. Learn more about our school turnaround and transformation services.

Our state consulting services provide education agencies and policymakers with the tools they need to improve the performance of all their schools and districts. Our staff consult directly with state education agencies (SEAs) on the issues they have determined to be critical to improving district performance. Learning Point Associates administers Great Lakes East and Great Lakes West, two of the 16 regional comprehensive centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide technical assistance to states in their efforts to improve student achievement.

At the district level, we collaborate with individual districts and schools to develop lasting customized solutions that will set a positive course for change.

In all cases, our technical assistance and recommendations are research-based and address widespread issues:

  • Where are the key leverage points for improvement, and what solutions will work for us?
  • How can we garner understanding and commitment to change in the wider community?
  • How can we build capacity for sustained improvement?

See how our district services will assist you in improving learning for all your students.

Curriculum Audit

Surveys of Enacted Curriculum

Data Use for School Improvement

Data Workshop

Improvement Planning

Curriculum Alignment

Induction and Mentoring

School Turnaround and Transformation

We invite you to review our representative projects to learn more about the work we are doing in the area of district and school improvement. To explore how Learning Point Associates can work with you on district and school improvement, contact Jessica Johnson by e-mail.

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