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Improvement Planning

Improvement Planning at Learning Point Associates reveals the best next steps for schools and districts and provides the blueprint needed to foster lasting student achievement through strong curriculum and instruction and a positive school climate.

"Learning Point Associates has a genuine understanding of the real world of urban education and a very clear vision for how to help districts improve. The draft of the action plan was wonderful—succinct, right on target, and something that seemed infinitely doable."—Mary Dwyan, Title 1 Director, East Chicago, Indiana

Our Improvement Planning process incorporates goals, objectives, strategies, indicators of success, and evidence to create a viable action plan that will set the course for long-term change.

Clients achieve their goals by working through a facilitated process—generally two to three sessions during the course of several weeks—that results in one or multiple action plans depending on each client’s specific needs. The school or district team completes the action planning with a timeline, agreed-upon staff assignments, and budget. After the planning process, our associates follow up with school and district leadership to ensure that timeframes are still realistic and that goals are being achieved.

We also assist districts in aligning various improvement plans to create one overall strategic plan.

Our Intensive Version—generally occurring during the course of several months—integrates existing improvement plans and state and federal legislation and requirements to create a master document that clearly articulates the district’s mission, focuses its goals, and creates a roadmap for district- and school-level plans to work toward improving student achievement.

Improvement Planning also is a critical part of our audit process.

To explore how we can help you better use data to improve student and school performance, contact Jessica Johnson by e-mail or telephone (800-356-2735).

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