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Curriculum Audit Process

Phase 1: Planning
We begin by identifying, with the district, individuals who will serve as the district team and take a central role throughout the audit. Specific questions guide the audit to be either very focused or comprehensive, including investigations of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as professional development, district planning, data use, and talent management.

Phase 2: Data Collection
Learning Point Associates staff members employ a variety of data collection methods to reveal a comprehensive picture of what is being taught, how it is being taught, and where it is aligned to state standards. We typically review the written curriculum, other key documents such as existing improvement plans and policies, and student assessment data. Learning Point Associates staff members observe teachers in the classroom to see firsthand the teaching methods used and to interview district and school personnel to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. We also train teachers on the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum tool in order to collect teacher-reported data on classroom instruction. These data then are mapped to the state content standards and state assessments.

"The most significant and unique aspect of Learning Point Associates' approach … is the incorporation of authentic collaboration into their process. Having the stakeholders work hand in hand with one another and Learning Point Associates as they prioritize focus areas brings about a level of 'buy-in' unmatched by any other organization that has applied to conduct the audits."

—Robin Elliser, Project Coordinator, NYSED DINI Audit of Curriculum Project, Eastern Suffolk BOCES

Phase 3: Co-InterpretationSM and Recommendations
The hallmark of the Learning Point Associates audit is the co-interpretationSM process, a two-day meeting during which we facilitate, with the district team, a review of reports compiled through an array of data collection methods. The co-interpretation process allows the district team to identify where strengths and deficiencies exist and to reach consensus on the priority areas to target for improvement. But our work does not stop once the district team identifies its priorities: We develop a customized set of research-based recommendations specific to the district.

Phase 4: Action Planning
Learning Point Associates staff work with the district team to create plans that are based on actionable recommendations and include short- and long-term objectives and indicators to measure progress. We have done our job well when each district has built sufficient capacity to implement the action plan and continue the improvement process after we leave.

To explore how our audit work can help your school or district set the course for improvement, contact Jessica Johnson by e-mail or telephone (800-356-2735).

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