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Transition to Teaching

Clients: Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools

Transition to Teaching is a five-year federal grant awarded to individual school districts to recruit and retain qualified teachers in high-need, hard-to-staff schools. Learning Point Associates is conducting evaluations of the program in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools and the Chicago Public Schools.

These districts already face or anticipate a major shortage of highly qualified teachers. In 2006, Miami-Dade district officials predicted a shortfall of 1,900 teachers over the next three years. The Chicago Public Schools anticipates a shortage of 10,000 teachers over the next five years.

Miami-Dade's Operation Teach program targets military and other uniformed professionals for careers in teaching. Learning Point Associates is assessing its implementation, analyzing the changes in the district's recruitment and hiring process, the training and support provided to program participants, and the participants' satisfaction with the program. The evaluation is also measuring the placement and retention of teachers in high-need schools and participants' attainment of full teaching certification.

For the Chicago Public Schools, Learning Point Associates is evaluating the recruitment methods of alternatively certified teachers and the support provided to this group of new teachers once they are in the classroom.

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