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Quality School Leadership Identification

High-performing and dramatically improving schools are led by strong principals. District staff know the importance of hiring and supporting quality school principals but are often left on their own to define a hiring process and create hiring tools.

In response to this challenge, Learning Point Associates offers Quality School Leadership Identification (QSL-ID), a standardized hiring procedure built from research-based tools that hiring committees can use to reach consensus when selecting a new school principal.

What Is QSL-ID?

The QSL-ID process guides schools and districts through each of the specific steps to hiring the right school leader and allows them to do the following:

  • Establish an effective hiring committee that understands the specific leadership needs of the school or district.
  • Recruit principal candidates based on the criteria that best meets school and district goals.
  • Identify the strongest candidates and conduct an onsite performance assessment of finalists.
  • Plan for a smooth leadership transition.

How Is QSL-ID Different?

  • QSL-ID was designed with the input of school and district hiring committees, human resource directors, and superintendents. QSL-ID was field-tested and validated in several rural, suburban, and urban school districts across the state of Illinois.
  • The QSL-ID tools are designed to standardize the hiring process and are aligned with the current Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (2008) standards.
  • QSL-ID is a not a one-size-fits-all tool. QSL-ID can be customized to the needs of small and large, urban, suburban, and rural school districts. The tool also fits the needs of schools engaged in the turnaround process. The hiring committee can implement all of the components of QSL-ID or employ and adapt key elements to augment your district’s current principal hiring process.

To learn more about QSL-ID or to request additional information about how Learning Point Associates can support your school or district principal hiring process, please e-mail Matthew Clifford at or Melissa Brown-Sims at or call 800-356-2735.

QSL-ID provides an easy-to-use process and tools for ensuring that the best school leaders are hired.
– Superintendent from a small Illinois district


Our associates shape the conversations at the district, state, and national levels on hiring and preparing school leaders.

October 28–31, 2010
New Orleans, Louisiana

University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) 2010 Convention, “Building Bridges: Politics, Partnerships, and the Purpose of Schooling”

Presentation: “Characterizing School Districts’ Principal Hiring Practices: Results From a Descriptive Survey of 730 Districts Across Five Midwestern States”

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