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Representative Work in Leadership

Texas Principal Excellence Program
Client: Texas Education Agency

The state of Texas launched the Texas Principal Excellence Program (TxPEP) to better prepare and support principals—especially in high-need and hard-to-staff schools. The comprehensive evaluation of TxPEP conducted by Learning Point Associates provided the Texas Education Agency (TEA) with summative and formative feedback.

As a summative evaluation, its purpose was to assess whether principals’ leadership skills, student achievement, and their schools improve as a result of principals’ participation in TxPEP. As a formative evaluation, its purpose was to help TEA and the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC), the program implementers, strengthen the program during implementation.

The formative evaluation provided regular monitoring and feedback cycles focused on implementation, participation, and short-term impact. Formative data were collected through a series of focus groups with a panel of principals and interviews conducted with APQC and TEA program staff. Extant APQC data (i.e., participant attendance data, assessment data) and data from principals’ Web logs were analyzed.

The Learning Point Associates evaluation team reported findings from these repeated cycles of evaluation to TEA and APQC and assisted them in using the findings to make decisions about program improvements.

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