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Retaining Teacher Talent

The View From Generation Y: Video Insights

The video insights presented in this section are intended to be used by school principals, district-level policymakers, and human resource officers to spark reflection and discussion on policies and practices aimed at supporting and retaining Generation Y teachers. The video insights are comprised of a number of video segments that come from focus groups with Gen Y teachers as part of the Retaining Teacher Talent study conducted by Public Agenda and Learning Point Associates with the support of The Joyce Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Video Segments

Introductory Video: Who Are Our Gen Y Teachers [Video 02:09]

Topic 1 Video Segments: Gen Y Views on Improving Teacher Effectiveness

Topic 2 Video Segments: Gen Y Views on the Future of the Teaching Profession

The teachers were asked to provide candid opinions on how they would change the profession and to describe the greatest challenges they face as new teachers. The video segments showcase how a sample of new teachers feel about today’s hot-button issues in education, spanning the teacher policy spectrum—including principal support, professional development, time for collaboration, compensation, evaluation, and other pressing policy issues. The segments highlight the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of young teachers as they navigate the toughest years of their career and explore how they can fit into the profession.

The video segments are intended to be used in conjunction with the facilitator’s guide.


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