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21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) in Texas

Subcontractor to the Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP) at the University of Memphis

Learning Point Associates is conducting a statewide evaluation of 21st CCLC programs in Texas to evaluate the impact of program participation on student achievement and behavior.

Our team is creating a comprehensive profile of 21st CCLC grantees, centers and participants in Texas using the state’s administrative data system. From this data, the team has developed descriptive profiles of grantees, centers and students attending the programs.

These data also were analyzed for comparisons based on grantee maturity, type and institutional experience, as well as grade levels served by a center and the center’s program model. These subgroup and center characteristics will be explored as predictors of students’ attendance and program participation. In addition to the program profiles, Learning Point Associates also is developing and piloting statewide surveys of grantee directors, center directors and center staff to gather information on additional dimensions of program quality. The survey data will provide implementation and quality scales that will be used in determining the impact of programs on student outcomes.

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