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Sunrise Program

Bok Technical High School, Philadelphia, PA
Capital: Financial, Cultural, Human

Bok Technical High School, located in inner-city Philadelphia, serves students who are two or more years behind in reading and mathematics. Through the Sunrise Program activities, which follow the standards and benchmarks of Bok Technical High School and the School District of Philadelphia, students have the opportunity to engage in both school-day and afterschool hands-on experiential learning that promotes career development.

The following activities highlight some of the afterschool programming at Bok Technical High School:

  • Sunrise Construction Club
    This afterschool program links to the school-day Construction Technology vocational class. The multiyear program begins every September and involves the rehabbing of a house. Recently, the students repaired a former drug house. The home was sold to a low-income, first-time home buyer. The district attorney of Philadelphia honored the students for their work.
  • Sunrise Cosmetology Club
    This afterschool club is a licensed and approved Cosmetology Operators Training Program conducted on two levels: Students ages 14–15 are introduced to the basics of hair care and styling, nail and skin care, proper diet and nutrition, and fashion; students ages 16 and older study theory and earn hours toward a cosmetology license.
  • Sunrise Drama Club
    This club, born out of the schoolwide literacy program, provides students the opportunity to conduct research, read and write plays, develop skits, study parts, and contribute as a team in the delivery of each performance. This program links the high school to the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia and off-Broadway productions.
  • Sunrise Robotics Club
    This club links to the school-day Computer Engineering vocational class. The students design and build a robot and compete in local and national competitions.

The Sunrise Program promotes continuity for its participants. The majority of students are involved in these activities for their entire high school career. Attendance at the high school is up to nearly 89 percent, leading the city. The number and severity of school infractions and behavioral incidents has declined. Both the teachers and the staff indicate a dramatic improvement of overall school climate. Many of the activities have resulted in 75 percent to 80 percent of the students continuing on and attending a postsecondary institution.

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