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Chicago Community Schools Initiative

Client: Chicago Public Schools

Since 2003, Learning Point Associates has been a trusted training and technical assistance partner in the Chicago Community Schools Initiative’s effort to provide expansive services to students and their families, particularly in schools in high-poverty areas.

We provide ongoing training and technical assistance to the Chicago Community Schools Initiative, a partnership of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and private foundations and corporations. The effort is built on the premise that schools need to provide holistic support for students and their families. This effort focuses on engaging local partners to help bring sustainable resources to schools, particularly those that serve low-income students.

Learning Point Associates has provided start-up assistance to new community schools, from elementary grades through high school. This assistance includes principal leadership development workshops, data use training, sustainability planning, communication planning and other topics to help build quality, sustainable community schools in Chicago. We continue to tailor efforts to the needs of individual community schools, training staff to implement program quality improvements.

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