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Copyright Information

Permission is required to use products and materials developed by Learning Point Associates, which includes products and materials developed under North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL). Learning Point Associates holds the copyright for all material on and affiliated websites.

To request permission, please review our Copyright Permission Policy and fill out the short Permission Request Form below. This form lets us know how to contact you, what material you would like to use, and how you plan to use it. Be sure to provide specific information so we can respond in a timely way.

Learning Point Associates Copyright Permission Policy

Material for Online Use

  • Permission is not required to link to any document or page on a Learning Point Associates website, but we appreciate notification of use. You can let us know by filling out the brief link-notification section of the form below.

  • Although we welcome links to our websites, we will not grant permission for downloading or posting any Learning Point Associates material on another website, newsgroup, or electronic mailing list.

  • One exception: We will grant permission for accredited colleges, universities, and high schools to post PDFs of our materials to an online course intranet or extranet site provided the following conditions are met:
    • The site must be password protected and available only to enrolled students and instructors in that course.
    • Permission is granted for a specific course for a specific semester; the materials may not be added to a digital repository for future or additional courses.
    • Permission must be requested separately for subsequent semesters and courses.
    • Permission to post electronically to the online course does not include permission to reproduce in print format.
    • Materials must be removed from the intranet or extranet site at the conclusion of the course.
    • Online course materials should include a statement of the school’s copyright compliance policy.

Material for Print or Publication

The following copyright permission guidelines apply for all Learning Point Associates products:

  • Permission is required to include Learning Point Associates products or excerpts in any other document or publication, unless such usage is protected by the Fair Use clause of current copyright statutes. For example, permission is not required to excerpt material that does not represent the core and essence of the document.

  • Permission is required to duplicate an individual item to give (at no charge) to a limited number of colleagues or recipients for educational purposes.

  • Permission will not be granted for duplication of any product offered on the Product Catalog for a fee.

  • Learning Point Associates must be cited as the owner of the materials in any advertisements, handouts, or other publications.

  • Although use of our materials is welcomed, permission will not be given for commercial sale of Learning Point Associates material.

  • The material may not be altered in any way.

  • All copyrights and trademarks remain the property of Learning Point Associates.

Permission Request Form

Contact Information

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* First Name:
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*  E-mail:
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*  Title:
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What material would you like to use?
Title of Material:
Source: (name of publication or website)
URL: (required for website requests)
Page Number(s) (if applicable):
Publication Date:
Will you be using: Full Text
How do you plan to use the material? (Check all that apply.)
Distribute Photocopies
No. of Copies:
No. of Recipients:
Include in Another Publication
Title of Publication:
Proposed Publication Date:
Estimated Circulation or Print Run:
Include in a Commercial Book
Title of Book:
Proposed Publication Date:
Estimated Print Run:
Include in an Online Course
Course Name/Number:
Course Dates:
What else can you tell us about your plans for the material? (Be as specific as possible.)
Notification of Link to Learning Point Associates Website
Your website name:
Your website URL:
URL of material to which you are linking:

To submit your request, please select the "Send Request" button below. The information that you send will be used by Learning Point Associates staff to process your request.

If you prefer to submit your request by fax or mail, please print out and complete the "printer-friendly" version of the form and send it to:

Learning Point Associates
Copyright Request
1120 E. Diehl Road, Suite 200
Naperville, IL 60563-1486
Fax: 630-649-6700

We will respond to your request within seven business days. Thank you for your request and for your interest in Learning Point Associates.

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