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The 2004 Carole Fine Professional Development

The Carole Fine Professional Development Internship

The Carole Fine Professional Development Internship was established in 1997 to honor an outstanding employee who believed that professional development is most meaningful when it is based in authentic experience—experience that expands horizons and contributes to personal as well as professional growth. Grounded in this belief, this six-week summer internship offers one outstanding teacher an opportunity to work side-by-side with other professionals on the forefront of educational research and development.

The main goal of the internship program is to provide an enriching professional development experience for a teacher who will apply this experience to improving the professional development offerings within his or her school or district. Therefore, it is important that the intern has not only a clear, progressive vision of professional development but also has the support of his or her colleagues and school or district administrators.

Another important goal of the program is to create a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship between the intern and Learning Point Associates. Since 1984, Learning Point Associates, originally founded as NCREL, has developed research-based educational resources and offered professional development opportunities for educators throughout the Midwest. But, if our products and services are to be useful, they must be based on the real, everyday needs of educators and grounded in what we know about best practice in today's classrooms. We hope to learn from the intern as we provide the knowledge and resources he or she needs to make his or her own professional development plan a reality.

Benefits of the Internship

  • A six-week paid internship.
  • An opportunity to enhance professional skills in a nonacademic setting.
  • Free registration—plus travel and expenses—to attend a national education conference.
  • A housing stipend—To qualify for the housing stipend, the intern must live at least 60 miles from Naperville, Illinois.
  • Invaluable professional experience.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this internship program, an applicant must be:

  • A practicing PK–12 teacher in the United States with at least two years of classroom experience.
  • Able to reside in or commute to the Naperville, Illinois, area during the six-week internship. (Naperville is approximately 25 miles west of Chicago.)
  • Willing to apply what he or she learns to improving his or her school/district professional development plan.

The Internship Experience

When the intern arrives for the six-week summer session, he or she will meet with the program directors to discuss specific goals and plan activities. The intern will be invited to participate in an ongoing project that complements and supports the intern's individual professional development goals. Throughout the summer, the intern will expand upon the Action Plan outline submitted as part of this application. At the end of six weeks, the intern should have a complete plan for improving professional development in his or her school or district.

Selection Criteria

The Carole Fine intern must be a practicing PK–12 teacher with at least two years of classroom experience and a professional background that demonstrates a commitment to ongoing professional development. The intern must also be an education leader with the support of colleagues and school and district administrators and the ability to influence professional development activities within the school or district. Finally, the intern should have a clear, progressive vision of professional development.

The Review Process

All application materials are due by May 17, 2004. Incomplete applications, applications that exceed the specified page limits, or applications received after the due date will not be considered.

All completed applications received by the May 17 deadline will be reviewed by a selection committee of research and education professionals. The committee will select no more than three candidates for further consideration.The management team at Learning Point Associates will then rank the three remaining candidates. The top candidate will be notified by telephone of his or her selection.

At that time, we will schedule the orientation session and arrange for the intern's travel and accommodations.

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