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Family of Learners Resource Guide (CD-ROM)

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Image of Family of Learners Resource Guide (CD-ROM)

Increased parent and family involvement is often cited as one of the most important ways to improve public schools and student achievement. The Family of Learners Resource Guide is a CD-ROM full of information, research, landmark articles, and activities that can be used by educators, parents, and community members to positively affect student learning by working together. The CD-ROM contains 15 topic-specific chapters, including Rationale; Initial Contacts and Ongoing Information; Things That Parents/Community Members Need to Know; Parent/Student/School Compacts; Meetings, Workshops, Open Houses; Trainings and Workshops; Family/School/Community Programs; Parent/Student/Teacher Conferencing; Family Resource Centers; Family and Community Events; At-Home Activities; Assessing Effectiveness; Community Resources; Issues; and References.

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